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Potential Poisoning Danger

meatball On February 22, 2024, a BPC dog-owner reported that her dog ate what looked like a meatball in the West Thames dog run. The dog owner noticed other meatballs in the dog run, which contained paper. Concerned about the out-of-place and odd meatballs, the dog owner rushed her dog to the vet, bringing along some of the meatballs for the vet to examine.

The vet induced vomiting in the dog. The owner says that her dog is ok.

The matter has been reported to NYPD and to the Battery Park City Authority.

We'll follow up if we have more information from the owner, but in the meantime, please be on the lookout for suspicious-looking items on the ground and in dog runs, and be vigilant in keeping your dog from picking up any such items.

As of February 24, 2024, testing results on the meatballs are not available.

Please continue to keep your dogs safe.

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