BPC Dogs
Battery Park City Dog Association
New York City

Therapy Dogs and 9/11

BPC Dogs honors members, Greer Griffith, and Hank Wisner for their service in the days after September 11, when they responded to a call from the Delta Society, an organization that trains therapy dogs, which asked for volunteers to bring dogs to the Pier 94 Family Assistance Center.

Greer and Hank, like many of us, were displaced from their Battery Park City homes by the events of September 11. Nonetheless, they responded selflessly. Greer and Hank brought their dogs -- Clayton and Fauna (Greer) and Picasso (Hank) -- who are specfically trained to console those facing an unbearable situation, to Pier 94 and on the ferries from Pier 94 to Ground Zero with grieving family members.

Greer's black labs and Hank's white standard poodle are just a few examples of dogs who have been working at Ground Zero since September 11.

See Greer's story in the March 14, 2002 Local Press section of the Brooklyn Eagle/ Brooklyn Heights Press/ Phoenix/ Brooklyn Journal (page 13).

Thank you, Greer, Hank, Clayton, Fauna and Picasso!

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