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New York City

Dog-Owner's Guide to Dispute Resolution

Although relatively rare in our neighborhood, we sometimes get questions about what to do when a dispute develops between dog owners in or near the BPC dog parks involving aggression between dogs. Usually, common sense and common courtesy are enough to resolve the handful of disputes that occur, but occassionally we hear of disputes that won't go away.

If the matter involves violation of the posted dog run rules (e.g., "No aggressive dogs"), the PEPs can be called and they have committed to us to enforce the rules. Carry the PEPs phone number with you (212-417-3100). An officer can generally be dispatched right away to deal with a situation in progress.

If the matter involves a dog injuring another dog and the offending dog-owner refuses to pay for the medical treatment of the injured dog, small claims court can be used to deal with the situation, although that obviously should be a route of last resort.